A Virtual Collective to Support  Business Owners

A Business Book Club meets Mastermind experience to grow your knowledge and inspire you to apply your learnings

As a small business owner, there is so much to learn. Then finding the time and discipline to apply your learnings is a whole other challenge. 

Does this sound familiar? You buy a business book with the best of intentions to read it, only to have it collect dust on your bookshelf?

Or you excitedly consume a book filled with great ideas, but never implement any of them because it feels too overwhelming to do it all on your own?

Then you're in the right place to start not only learning, but also taking action as a part of an inspiring community.

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As a member of the Business Book Collective you will read actionable business books, have access to a like-minded community to support implementing your learnings, and be inspired into action.

Think of it as the Business Book Club meets Mastermind experience for solo and small business owners of service-based businesses.

With a structured format to guide you and a community to read along with, you will finally feel like you are taking the steps you know you should be taking to improve and grow your business.

Why Join?


Learn AND take action

A Book Club provides an opportunity to come together with a community to discuss a book. 

A Mastermind brings together like-minded people to share ideas with the intention of bettering each member of the Mastermind.

The Business Book Collective brings together these two concepts to create a unique experience. 

Through a guided process, a group of business owners from different industries with different levels of experience read action-oriented business books. We mastermind and support each other in applying the learnings to our businesses.

A Community to support uplevelling your business

Reading business books can help you develop business acumen, open your mind to new ways of thinking and create the right mindset to improve and grow your business. The Business Book Collective enhances the reading experience and provides opportunities for interactions amongst members.

Imagine how amazing you will feel when you've read a variety of business books this year and applied your learnings to your business. We'll keep you on track to meeting your goal.

Reading with the intention of sharing your learnings and the ideas sparked by the content of the book creates a whole new way of absorbing content. The structure of the Collective supports an enhanced learning experience.

It can feel very isolating trying to run a business on your own, especially in today's world. Through the Facebook Group and interactive monthly ZOOM calls, you will build relationships with like-minded people who are also focused on growing their businesses.

During the interactive monthly calls, you will be given opportunities at times to step into the spotlight to share and grow your capacity for leadership.

How it Works

1 | READ

Through weekly reading prompts, you'll be kept on track to reading more business books covering different areas of business.



By applying a Mastermind-inspired approach, the Collective will share their learnings and ideas about how they plan to apply learnings from the monthly book to their business in our private Facebook Group and on our monthly call.


You'll be challenged and inspired to put new ideas into action in your own business. Even if you just applied one idea from each book, imagine the impact that could have on your business! 



The Business Book Collective is holding me accountable to read business books. I love the community in Facebook and the inspiration I get from other members. It provides a lot of value for my investment. If you put the effort into being an engaged member in this community, you're going to get a lot of that benefit coming back to you.

- Jodie Pappas, Clean Kiss 


Not only are we reading great books that are teaching me new strategies and giving me new ideas, but I am also part of an incredible community of diverse individuals looking to grow their businesses by masterminding and supporting each other. It's such a fun way to fall in love with reading again.

- Paula Navarrete, My Tiny Cards 

Hi, I'm Laura Valvasori

I'm the Founder of the Business Book Collective and your Facilitator - learning alongside you and sharing my wisdom!

As a solo business owner, I understand how lonely and overwhelming it can feel to try to figure out how to keep improving and growing your business.

As a Marketing Strategy & Planning Consultant, I’ve helped incredible companies put marketing into action to transform over the last eight years.

I've brought together my passion for helping business owners with my love of reading and engaging in a good brainstorming session to create the Business Book Collective.

My aspiration for this community is to help business owners create thriving businesses.

You can learn more about me by visiting Good to Grow Marketing or my LinkedIn profile.

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Are you ready to close the Knowing-Doing Gap?

Frustrated because you aren't applying what you know to improve and grow your business? The Knowing-Doing Gap is real and causes enormous frustration for business owners.

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Interested in becoming a Licensed Facilitator of your own Business Book Collective? 

As a consultant or coach, this program offers a unique way to provide value to clients or prospects and an additional revenue stream that you can quickly and easily bring to market by leveraging the Business Book Collective Facilitator' s Playbook.

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